Need to report suspected child abuse? Call the Child Abuse Reporting Hotline: 1 (877) 54A-BUSE

What We Do

Completed Forensic Interviews in 2019

Counseling Sessions

Children and Caregivers Supported

Alleged Abuse Cases Reviewed By CPIT

People Reached with Prevention Programs

    Forensic Interviews

The forensic interview is conducted in a supportive and non-leading manner by a trained professional. The interview takes place in a child-friendly environment and is designed to elicit a child’s unique information about the alleged abuse.


    Victim Services

The Victims Advocate is responsible for coordinating the CPIT meetings, tracking case data, and providing court liaison services. The Victim Services Coordinator also assists caregivers in filing for Victim’s Compensation funds for the child victim.



Licensed mental health therapists, specializing in trauma focused therapy and play therapy, work with the child victim to help promote healing and to minimize the effects of abuse.


    Family Advocacy

Assists the non-offending caregiver with services needed to maintain a safe and stable environment for the child victim. Provides helpful information to caregivers that are meeting the needs of abused children.


    Education and Prevention 

Responsible for coordinating Adult Prevention training as well at the Children’s Education program.


The Child Protective Investigative Team is an interdisciplinary team of individuals from different backgrounds responsible for discussing and responding to child abuse cases.


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