Need to report suspected child abuse? Call the Child Abuse Reporting Hotline: 1 (877) 54A-BUSE


The Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County (CAC) provides help, hope, and healing to child victims of sexual and physical abuse.



by providing a warm, non-threatening place for children to tell their story to a specially trained Forensic Interviewer.


through intervention by a team of professionals trained to investigate and prosecute allegations of child sexual abuse.


through trauma-focused counseling that helps the child victim develop coping skills and improve his/her self-image.
The CAC welcomes everyone back to school and wishes for a SAFE and successful school year! School can be hard for everyone involved, but especially the children that attend. Not only are they facing homework, studying, and the creation of social lives but they are facing the pressure that school brings as well. Be sure to create an open and safe area at home so that your child will feel comfortable to talk to you about whatever may be weighing them down. Whether about school work or anything else they may be facing. Remind them that they are not alone!#cacsctn #backtoschool ... See MoreSee Less
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When a child discloses abuse of any kind, it can be scary for both the child and the adult. Below are a few tips to have in your toolbelt when a child discloses. Even if the child doesn't disclose and you suspect abuse might be happening, always follow that gut feeling and make a report! It could change that child's life. #cacsctn ... See MoreSee Less
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Feel like helping the community? The CAC is need of a couple of things and we would love donations of any of the items listed below.Though it may not seem like a lot, it makes a world's difference to the children we serve! ... See MoreSee Less
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Red Sand Project is a participatory artwork that uses sidewalk interventions to create opportunities for people to question, connect and take action against vulnerabilities that can lead to human trafficking and exploitation. #RedSandProject ... See MoreSee Less
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Lunch and Learn Alert!Only two days left till our virtual training! Sign up today and learn what you can do when faced with a possible child abuse ... See MoreSee Less
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