Need to report suspected child abuse? Call the Child Abuse Reporting Hotline: 1 (877) 54A-BUSE


The Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County (CAC) provides help, hope, and healing to child victims of sexual and physical abuse.



by providing a warm, non-threatening place for children to tell their story to a specially trained Forensic Interviewer.


through intervention by a team of professionals trained to investigate and prosecute allegations of child sexual abuse.


through trauma-focused counseling that helps the child victim develop coping skills and improve his/her self-image.

What is a forensic interview, and what do we want you to know about it? Check out our latest blog post at

We like to say "forensic interview" is just a fancy word for talking to kids! When an allegation of severe abuse is made about a child, or a child is a witness to a violent crime, they scheduled an interview by CPS or Law Enforcement. This interview is child-lead and child-focused, meaning we ALWAYS have the best interest of your child in mind. It is also neutral and legally defensible. While coming in for a forensic interview can sound like a scary thing, we work hard to make it a comfortable and easy experience for every child. What's so great about having a forensic interview? Because it is recorded, your child will only have to tell their story once.

You and your child will be greeted with at the door with a warm smile and a snack, and asked to wait in a child-friendly play room. The interviewer will come to take your child to another room, while our victim advocate talks to you. The interview is observed by CPS and Law Enforcement, meaning we are never unobserved with a child.

What should you say to your child if they are coming for an interview? You know your child best. Try to refrain from telling them it is a "doctor's appointment", as this can cause anxiety. Let them know someone who keeps kids safe wants to talk to them, and that the place they are going is just for kids! 💙

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1. The Dept. of Children's Services (DCS) will assign priority 1, 2, or 3 to the case, meaning there will be an initial response time of 24-72 hours.
2. Law enforcement (LE) will be notified of allegation. Law enforcement takes all cases of child abuse if the child is over 13 years old, unless that child was abused by someone in their household or a caregiver. Otherwise, law enforcement will be called to assist in severe abuse cases.
3. DCS and/or Law Enforcement will meet with the child to conduct minimal facts. "Minimal Facts" is a quick safety meeting to ensure the child is in a protected and safe environment, and to gather more information from the child and/or adults about the allegation.
4. A joint investigation between DCS and Law Enforcement begins. Child may be taken for a medical exam.
5. The child will be brought to the CAC for a forensic interview in the case of severe abuse. A forensic interview is a neutral, fact-finding interview conducted when an allegation of severe abuse is made. The interviewer is trained to be child-friendly and developmentally appropriate. The interview is recorded and observed by DCS and Law Enforcement so the child only has to tell their story once. The non-offending caregivers will begin to be provided advocacy services at this time.
6. Law Enforcement and DCS will conduct witness and perpetrator interviews.
7. The case will be presented at the monthly Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT) meeting housed at the CAC. This team is comprised of CAC staff, DCS, Law Enforcement, District Attorney's Office, medical staff, and more. A decision will be made on next steps for the case at this meeting.
8. Child and non-offending caregivers may be offered therapy at the CAC, or a referral sent to another mental health office at the family's and CPIT's request.
9. Services, such as advocacy and court support, will continue through the child's case and beyond. When DCS/LE close their case, the CAC is still here to provide support.
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Join us for a *VIRTUAL* webinar on October 20th, 11AM-12PM. Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse is a fantastic training for ALL community members, and a great way to get involved in YWCares Week Without Violence! 🌎❤️

FREE Registration link:
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Join YW CARES and the YWCA Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia the week of October 18-23rd for The Week Without Violence.

Week Without Violence is part of a global movement with YWCAs across the country and around the world to end violence against women and girls. At YWCA, we know that not all violence is acknowledged or responded to equally and that some victims go unrecognized altogether. That’s why, for more than 20 years, YWCA has set aside one week in October as a Week Without Violence. Join us from October 18 – 23, as we hold events, share information and stories, advocate, and more with a common goal in mind: together, we can end gender-based violence. This will be done locally in the form of webinars, social media campaigns, and virtual community engagement.

YW CARES will be hosting three webinars with our amazing community partners next week:

Monday, October 18th at 12:00 PM:
Branch House Family Center presents Domestic Violence: Non-Fatal Strangulation

Wednesday, October 20th at 11:00 AM:
Children's Advocacy Center of Sullivan County
presents Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

Friday, October 22nd at 12:00 PM:
YW CARES presents Crimes Against Young Adults

Please visit the YW CARES event page for more webinar details.
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Join ETSU’s Kappa Delta Sorority for this wonderful fundraiser. Thank you, Kappa Delta, for your support!hi family and friends!! most of you know, i am a kappa delta at east tennessee state university! we are having our annual fundraiser for our philanthropy, pcaa: prevent child abuse america.

this year we are having a pancake dinner with a pancake bar and access to fenders farm! if you would like to get a ticket for the pancake dinner use the link below and in notes section put my name and “pancake dinner ticket” (haley anderson- pancake dinner ticket). the event will be october 23rd from 5-7 p.m. located at fender’s farm!

if you are not a local, below will be a link to donate! all proceeds go to Prevent Child Abuse America! 80% of the proceeds will stay here in the tri-cities, and the other 20% will be given to the national foundation! if you do decide to donate or purchase a ticket please make sure you leave my name in the notes section!

thanks in advance!!

Prevent Child Abuse America
Kappa Delta-East Tennessee State University
Kappa Delta Sorority
Fraternity & Sorority Life - East Tennessee State University
Children's Advocacy Center of Sullivan County
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