The Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County (CAC) is dedicated to serving children who are alleged victims of sexual and/or severe physical abuse through prevention, education, and intervention.

Forensic Interviews in 2016

Mental Health Counseling Sessions



Forensic Interviews

Child Forensic Interviews are conducted in a manner that is legally sound, of a neutral, fact-finding nature and coordinated to avoid multiple interviews. The interview is conducted in an environment in which the child feels safe telling the facts of any incident which may have occurred. Interviews are conducted by trained CAC staff and are generally observed by a detective and a Child Protective Services worker. This service provides thorough incident disclosure by the child in one to two interviews, thereby eliminating the need for the child to undergo multiple interviews. Our Forensic Interviewer also serves as an “expert witness” in court proceedings.

Contact: Amy

Family Advocacy

The CAC Family Advocate assists the nonoffending parent or caretaker with services needed to maintain a safe and stable environment for their child. In addition, the Family Advocate provides emotional support to the caregiver as well as parenting information helpful to caregivers in meeting the needs of an abused child.

Contact: Pamela

Victim Services

The Victim Services Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the Child Protective Investigative Team meetings, tracking case data, providing court liaison services, and court education/support to child victims. The Victim Services Coordinator also assists caregivers in filing for Victim’s Compensation funds for the child victim.

Contact: PamelaAmanda | Laura


CAC Therapists are licensed mental health service providers who have very specialized training in working with child abuse victims. They provide direct assessment, individual and group counseling, and support services. Clinicians are specially trained to deal with the intricate problems relating to child victimization. Children who are referred for counseling may continue in counseling as long as necessary.

Contact: Julie | Polly| Jan | Laura

Education & Prevention

The Education Coordinator is responsible for coordinating Adult Prevention training as well as the Children’s Education program. The Education Coordinator presents training sessions at the CAC and Health Department, as well as in school/church training, and in school presentations for the Children’s Education portion.

Contact: Elise

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