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The Children’s Advocacy Center of Sullivan County (CAC) provides help, hope, and healing to child victims of sexual and physical abuse.

The Sexual Assault Center (SAC) in Nashville, Tennessee is the official distribution center for the Safe@Lastand BE! curricula. Safe@Last is used in public and private schools throughout Tennessee as well as in faith-based education programs. It is endorsed by the Metropolitan Nashville Public School System and Catholic Schools, Diocese of Nashville, TN. Safe@Last was designed to teach children how to protect themselves for life. You will find it also exceeds the requirements of the National Council of Bishops’ Charter Mandate on the Protection of Children and Young People and meets many standards set by the American School Counselor Association.

The program focuses on:

  • Safe Adults – Identifying the adults in each child’s lives who they could do to for help. How a person looks, what job they have, or being family doesn’t always mean they are a “Safe Adult”, what makes them safe is how they act and how they make the child feel.
  • Touching Safety – teaching children to identify unsafe touches and to say “No”, and tell a safe adult if someone tries to touch their private areas. Children are also taught not to keep secrets about touching.
  • Assertiveness and Support – giving children a chance to practice getting out of unsafe situations and asking a grown up for help if they need it. Say “NO way!”, Get Away, Tell a safe adult today.

If your school or youth serving organization would like to schedule a Safe @ Last presentation, please contact Elise Valencia, Prevention Education Coordinator at 423-279-1222 ext. 1205


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